G. How to Make your Playlist and Change the Schedule

Now that you’ve created your account, it’s time to make a playlist for your spaces and schedule these so your guests can enjoy your hotel’s full ambiance!

Creating Your Playlist

1. After logging into you account, you can now choose a style for your space.

2. Simply click the add button for this.



3. It will then show you a set of spaces that you can choose from.



4. Select “Add” once you’ve chosen your space.

5. Say you choose the “Café” space. This will take you to all available playlist for different spaces of your hotel. You can hover your cursor to see the type of music on each playlists.



6. Select your desired playlist by clicking “Done.”

7. This will now be automatically added to your playlist section.



Scheduling Your Playlists

1. When you click on the “Next” button in your playlist, a manual window will pop-up. You can click on the skip button. If you want to go back to the manual, you can click on the red question mark button on the lower right of the page.



2. You’ll notice that your playlist has already been scheduled!



3. You can change the schedule by selecting the “Edit” button on the Schedule tab.



4. If you click on the “This Week Only”, your playlist will only be scheduled for one week. It will go back to its original scheduling after. This is helpful most especially if there’s a special event in your hotel such as Valentine’s or Christmas.

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