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How Can Music Improve Your Customer Service

Failing to give excellent customer experiences can damage your brand reputation.


Staying Competetive

The hotel industry has become more competitive than ever, and along with it the expectations of guests.

Hotels now must be able to provide memorable experiences for all kinds of events such as weddings, honeymoons, birthday parties, and business meetings. The type of experience a guest has at your establishment is one of the key factors that will help them determine whether or not they will come back or recommend your hotel to a friend.

Failing to give excellent customer experiences and failing to meet these expectations will certainly damage your brand reputation.

In a Harvard review, customers with a good experience tended to spend 100% more than those with poor experiences.

And so the importance of customer experience can be measured twofold:

  1. Customer engagement and customer loyalty
  2. Guest retention and overall profit

The Importance of Music

Music should be considered as important as the layout, interior, or lighting of a space.

Sound is one of the first senses humans use when entering a new space. It’s in our DNA, and the way a guest feels about your lobby or bar will be highly affected by what they hear. One sure way to improve your guests experience in your hotel is through music.

A study released by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers (SACEM) backs this theory explaining that music can enhance the customer experience.

So How Can You Get It Right?

For a business like a yoga studio, where the target customer is niche enough, music selection can be easier. It’s a different question for a hotel with multiple venues and a wider range of customers.

PHM uses a mix of human curation and algorithms to create the perfect playlists

Play Hotel Music uses a combination of dedicated human curators and an algorithm backed by our own 7 years of data.

Our team of professional musicians, who help cherry pick tracks to ensure that our library only consists of the highest quality music, are supported by our A.I. to make sure that the music being played in the bohemian style rooftop bar is different to the music being played in your elegant and airy lobby.

Play Hotel Music understands the needs of different hotels worldwide and we are confident that our sophisticated curation system will ensure your guest are satisfied with your attention to detail.


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