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E. System

1) What system environment can I use PHM with?

Chrome is the optimal web browser. However, PHM can be used with the OS and browser environment as in the following table.



Windows 7
& lower
Windows 8.1
& Windows 10
Mac Linux
Chrome O O O O
Firefox O O O O
Edge O O
IE 11 O
IE 12 O
Safari O


2) The hotel’s internet connection is not good. Can I use PHM?

Yes, it is possible. PHM has been developed with many Internet connection situations in mind. The playback method of PHM is a hybrid system of a Streaming System and Download & Play System and has high stability. If you are using a Chrome browser, you will be able to use it more reliably because you are less affected by your Internet connection.
If you want to test, you can check your internet connection while using the demo player.


3) I’m currently using PHM with a Chrome browser. How do I set it up so that sounds from other Chrome windows are muted?

  • Right-click the speaker shape in the upper tab of your browser
  • Select ‘Mute site’


4) I am currently using PHM with a ‘Chrome’ browser. How do I change the setting to turn off the sound in the ‘Internet Explorer’ browser?

For Windows 7 or later versions,

  • Right-click the speaker icon at the bottom right corner
  • Open the Volume Mixer
  • Click the speaker icon of ‘Explorer’ and change it to mute


5) Changes have not been applied after PHM’s website update. How do I fix it?

The browser cache must be cleared

  • For Windows Chrome, press Ctrl + F5 on the PHM website to delete the browser cache or
  • Clear your browser’s cache via pressing Ctrl + H on the PHM website & click ‘Clear browsing history’
  • Re-login to see update.


6) Where do I make inquiries for errors?

Please submit your request via email ( and we will respond within 24 hours.


7) Can I play audio that I own, such as a hotel brand song, through the PHM player?

Yes, you can upload these files via the “import” feature. Pleases note that currently the player can only play mp3 files and that there is a 10 minute & 30MB restriction.


8) The imported audio or the promotion I scheduled is not being broadcast in time, how can I fix this

Sometimes due to network issues, if the promotion or imported file is scheduled in too close to the broadcast time, the system might not be able to apply the change in time. Please make sure the schedule


9) How can I delete a space?

You can delete spaces by logging into your admin account and by going into Space Management



10) How can I manage different spaces through one account?

The amount of spaces you can manage is different depending on your plan


Once you log in you will be able to select which space you wish to broadcast and manage,


If you log in via your Admin password, you will be able to manage the space without the need of being in the same area or the need of using the device that is currently broadcasting the music.

To do this:

0821_pic9Click the arrow next to your space


0821_pic10Select the space you wish to change to

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