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What Style Is Suitable For My Space?

Do I want a “Warm Lobby” or would “Modern Lobby” suit me better?

Want to get the most out of out preset styles for your hotel?

Take a look at the following descriptions to find the most suitable one for you.

Any questions or requests, email us at and we will get back to you asap!


Style Desc
Modern Lobby Acoustic Pop rock and modern jazz
Warm Lobby Gentle classic and relaxing acoustic new age
Boutique Lobby Contemporary jazz and elegant classical music
Classical Lobby Elegant new age, classical with calming nature sounds
Nature Lobby Floral classic with latin jazz
Resort Lobby Contemporary classic, relaxing jazz, and fresh new age
Light Christmas Light christmas pop mixed with christmassy jazz.
Relaxed Christmas Relaxed christmas pop mixed with christmassy jazz.
Modern Hallway Contemporary jazz, gentle classic, and modern lounge
Warm Hallway Elegant Classic, soft acoustics and blues
Classical Hallway Elegant classical and calm new age
Nature Hallway
Tranquil jazz, classical, and new age with calming nature sounds
Resort Hallway Contemporary jazz, soft acoustics, and smooth lounge
Modern Cafe Trendy pop rock, RnB, and modern lounge
Warm Cafe Peaceful classical, jazz, and new age with soft acoustics
Classical Cafe Elegant classical, peaceful jazz, and soft acoustics
Nature Cafe Floral jazz and bright folk
Resort Cafe Trendy pop rock, RnB, and modern lounge
Classical Restaurant Gentle classic and relaxing new age
Modern Restaurant Contemporary jazz and modern lounge
Casual Restaurant Calm classical, breezy latin, and pop rock
Japanese Restaurant Smooth Japanese style music
Chinese Restaurant Relaxing Chinese style music
French Restaurant Elegant French style music
Italian Restaurant Cosy Italian style music
Bar Contemporary jazz, lounge, and luxurious new age
Lounge Bar Chic lounge and smooth jazz
Outdoor Bar Chic jazz, soft lounge, and acoustics
Bathroom Relaxing new age and tranquil classical
Modern Guest Room Contemporary jazz and gentle classical
Warm Guest Room Calm classical and elegant new age
Classical Guest Room Gentle classical and relaxing new age
Nature Guest Room Fresh jazz and nature inspiring new age
Resort Guest Room Relaxing classical and peaceful new age
Fitness Center Energetic electronic and lounge
Indoor Pool Energetic electronic, lounge and active pop rock
Resort/Outdoor Pool Energetic electronic, bright pop rock and dance pop
Outdoor Pool Energetic electronic, bright poprock and acoustics
Private Beach Energetic eletronic and upbeat acoustics
Luxurious Spa Massage Shop Luxurious classical and relaxing new age
Nature Spa Massage Shop Bright jazz and peaceful new age
Kids Room Happy acoustic kids music
Outdoor Garden Floral latin and acoustics
Basement Parking Lot Modern uptempo classical and new age
Outdoor Parking Lot Uptempo classical music and acoustics
Modern Banquet Hall Luxurious classic and modern lounge
Classical Banquet Hall Elegant classic and peaceful jazz
Outdoor Banquet Hall Bright pop rock, RnB and modern classical
Wedding Hall Sweet classical and luxurious new age
Conference Room Peaceful classic and newage to help focus
Convenience Upbeat Poprock and acoustic pop.
Boutique Upbeat classical piano instrumentals
Casino Modern jazz and upbeat lounge
General Trendy modern upbeat electronic

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