All Rights Inclusive Service?

In an earlier post, we discussed how licensing usually works for hotels or other public business areas.

We discussed the headaches and annoyances with licensing music with Performance Rights Organisations such as ASCAP or BMI.

With this system hotels would have to pay both the background music provider for service fees and your local PRO for public performance fees.

Inefficient Traditional Method

This fees then get directed to the artists to cover mechanical rights royalties and public performance fees.

With this system, there is an issue of control and efficiency. At each step there are commissions or at the very least administrative fees which means a lower payout for an artist – this is more of an issue as music licensing agreements are reciprocal with overseas societies, meaning double the commission deducted.

How does Play Hotel Music licensing work?

All the music used with Play Hotel Music is legally and financially cleared for use worldwide. This means you are free to use our service wherever you are without any further performance rights costs.

Play Hotel Music Alternative

With this system, the middlemen between the business users of music and the artists are effectively reduced. For all involved, this means reducing all points of contact and management to just one.

For the business – no more headaches of reporting and licensing, with also the added bonus of reduced costs.

For artists – More control over where your music is being played, with also the added bonus of accurate, precise, and transparent reports.


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