Case Study #Copyrights : Oakwood Hotel

Whilst developing our Play Hotel Music service, we used years of experience providing background music to some of the most well-known and established hotel brands around the world. The whole process includes initial consultation, brand analysis, music curation, and in some cases hardware sound design.

This process has given us an in depth understanding of the needs of hotels and we have used this experience to create Play Hotel Music – A tailored hotel music streaming service, just for you.

During the consultation stage with the hotel, one of the first things the manager is curious about is copyrights and licensing.

1.jpg(We have explained the details of how licensing traditionally works in this post here)

Hotel managers will have the option between two different types of music services. The traditional method – as shown in the image above, and the PHM alternative method shown in the image below.


Although we highly recommend our alternative royalty service, there are still certain factors to take into consideration before we make a full recommendation.

  1. Type of music

Oakwood Hotel did not have specific artist(s) or song(s) that they wanted to play but rather preferred the overall mood of the music to match their hotel. After an in-depth brand analysis and consultation, we created playlists that fit their brand image, interior, and overall mood. In this case, since Oakwood Hotel were open to the type of music being played, we were able to recommend our PHM alternative royalty service.

tokyo.jpg(Image Source: Oakwood Hotels)
  1. Simplicity

With the traditional methods, Oakwood Hotel would have had to pay a monthly fee to three different copyright organisations. This includes our background music service fee that would have increased the amount of payment processes to four different organisations just for background music.

The management of Oakwood Hotel wished to keep things simple and have just ONE point of sale and point of contact for all of the music and chose our Alternative Service.

tokyo lobby.jpg(Image Source:
  1. Price

Although Oakwood Hotel were not too concerned of the difference in pricing, since the above two factors were in favour of our Alternative Royalty Service, they were happy to learn that using Play Hotel Music would save them over 85% yearly.

oakwood-residence-beijings-facade.jpg(Image Source: Oakwood Hotel)

This is just one case, but there are times when certain hotels have specific artists and songs that they want in their playlist to fit their brand image and concepts. In this case we do our best to accommodate those requests in providing a traditional background music service for them.


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