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Case Study #SoundSystems : Lotte Hotel

There are several factors to think about whether the Individual Space Broadcasting System or Central Broadcasting System will be the best set-up for your hotel. With PHM, we will help you decide the perfect type of system to give you the best music experience.

Take Lotte Hotel as an example. Play Hotel Music has provided them consultation advice since the planning and construction stage of the hotel. We had provided them a full consultation from sound system design to tailored music curation.

Lotte Hotel decided to construct their hotel without a central broadcast system. This was due to a number of reasons including the size of their hotel and the number of spaces the music was going out to. Lotte Hotel was relatively small and felt that a central system was not necessary for their hotel.

lotte hotel.jpg(Image Source: Lotte Hotel)

They also wanted the managers in each space of the hotel to manage their own music. (i.e., the bar manager to control the music for the bar, front desk to manage lobby, etc.). This is to give them more creative freedom to set-up the perfect atmosphere for their guests.

The managers would also have more control over the announcements and can even change it to reflect the type of guests that came in. (e.g., Lotte Hotel often had groups of Chinese guests and so would schedule in Chinese announcements to welcome them).

case study.PNG

The spaces in Lotte Hotel already had an internet connected device so connecting them to the sound system and logging into PHM was no issue. (i.e., PC in the front desk, POS in the bar, etc.)

lotte hotel 2.jpg(Image Source Lotte Hotel)

When choosing between an Individual Space Broadcasting System and Central Broadcasting System you should assess the type of control you will need if the music system will be controlled by different managers of each space or handled by one manager for all the spaces.

You should also consider the number of spaces as well as where you want to play your music in your hotel.

For Lotte Hotel, they opted for an individual system because of the size of their hotel and had also wanted their managers to handle the playlist in their own spaces. Having a strong reliable internet connection in every space and an internet connected device is also something to think about if you’re leaning more towards an individual system.

Overall, knowing what type of sound system your hotel needs will be convenient for you and your staff to operate to set the right mood and theme for your spaces.

Contact us today and let PHM help you set-up the ideal sound system for your hotel!


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