Case Study #Curation : Nest Hotel

Choosing the best music to fit your space might sound like an easy task but there’s a formula to it. You should always consider the theme of your hotel, your space, and the time of the day before constructing your playlist.

Say you have a warm lobby; a gentle classic and relaxing acoustic new age music would be the best fit for this atmosphere as it can make your guests feel calm and welcome while waiting.


Song: Autumn Blue by Randy Jones 


However, playing the same music all throughout the day might make the ambience that you’ve created feel bland. Having the perfect mix of various artist and songs for each of your spaces would give your guest the complete experience of being in your hotel. Take Nest Hotel as an example. Their hotel offers a garden space where guests can stroll around or set-up parties if they prefer the outdoors and nature.

Garden_1.jpg(Image Source: Nest Hotel)

PHM recommended a floral Latin and acoustics playlist, the perfect genre for a moderate type of atmosphere for guests to unwind and enjoy the garden’s scenic view and concentrate more on the ongoing event.


Song: I Hear You by David Hill 


As opposed to Nest Hotel’s Fitness room, the music for this space should have an energetic electronic and lounge genre to stimulate the guests in this area.


Song: Push Back by Ne-Yo ft. Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don 


Fitness-Sauna_1.jpg(Image Source: Nest Hotel)

Now imagine if you interchanged the playlist from the garden to the fitness center and vice versa. Putting an energetic and upbeat music in the garden might prevent the guests from enjoying the space and having a relaxed playlist in the fitness center might not put the guests into the mood of exercising.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing or advance your space is, if you don’t have the right playlist to set the mood, your guests won’t be able to enjoy the full ambiance of their hotel experience.

However with PHM, there’s no need to worry about music that doesn’t match your hotel’s ambiance. We provide tailored music playlists for all types of spaces and styles to reflect the space and when it’s being played. We have carefully curated the playlist to play music depending on what day and time it is.

Gone are the days of just playing random music. Let us help you strategies your playlist to create the best experience for your guest. Make them feel more at home in your hotel with just a simple click of a button!

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