Why You Should Pay Your Favorite Artists


Confucius said that: “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Music is woven deep into our lives that living without it makes life quite boring and empty. It helps express those of which we cannot say out loud. Often we find ourselves with emotions that we find hard to grasp that may make us feel isolated but with music, it makes us feel like we’re not alone – that there is a sense or relatability with a group of people experiencing similar things.

Artists write and make music to tell stories from their own lives or from others. Making music might seem easy and effortless, but it takes all of their time and energy, and the way for us to show support is by buying their music.

Paying your artists helps them produce quality music, as they spend a lot into producing songs – from renting recording studios and hiring sound engineers, to promoting their albums.

Downloading from illegal sites might be easy and very tempting, most especially if you’re thinking since it’s available for free, then there’s no need to pay for it. Even using streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes might be an easy alternative to use for your businesses as background music, however, this is not legal as they are meant to be used non-commercially despite paying for their services. 

As a business owner, when you stream music from Spotify, iTunes, or playing CD’s that you’ve purchased, you may think that it’s a form of support for these artists as they are being played in a public space. You might also think that since a lot of people will be hearing it in your businesses, then it may also come as a sort of free advertising for them.

However, this sort of arrangement can be damaging for both you and the artist. We have previously discussed what and how music licensing works regarding streaming sites here. 

Without paying the right PROs and getting the proper music rights, you may be facing penalty fees that can range from $750 up to $150,000 per song played. Organizations such as BMI and ASCAP have sued dozens of businesses every month due to their refusal to pay the fees to the copyrighted owners of the songs.

So you might want to think again before you press play on your devices.

Hotels generally face several struggles regarding background music.

Because of outdated systems, management on music becomes a hassle and can be difficult to grasp on top of being expensive. These systems are unreliable and take so much time to control and builds up more frustration rather than ease.

With Play Hotel Music, we can make it easier for you. How?


We are constantly adding new music that meets our high standards and through direct licensing with artists we are able to let you be exempt to fees to PROs whilst also accessing an overall less expensive service. Some businesses save up to $1,360 per year with PHM.

And because of our online service, these new music will automatically update in the system so you don’t have to replace your CDs and download music.

Quality will always outweigh quantity and we make sure that our artists are always fairly compensated for the songs that they make as PHM’s entire music catalogue has been handpicked by professional musicians and curators.

PHM provides you with an easy-to-use system where you can manage through any device as well as a promise to provide high-quality music and at the same time, guarantee that all artists are paid for.

You don’t have to take hours to figure out music licenses. Play Hotel Music makes the process so much easier so that every business can play the music they want properly and safely.

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