Hotel Technology Trends

As the time progresses, so does technology.  Take food deliveries as an example. Gone are the days where you have to pick up your phone to order some take-out or even get up from bed in the middle of the night to drive by the nearest open fast food joint to satisfy your cravings. Now you just simply download an app or go online to place your order, all in the comfort of your warm home!  

How then will you be able to take advantage of all these technological advances and integrate this into your hotel?   

In this fast-paced environment, one of the ways to keep your guests happy and satisfied is by riding this technological wave that would make their stay more convenient and easier. There are gadgets and other devices made to make the hotel-experience more comfortable and convenient for your guests. Take advantage of these technological advances and bring your hotel to the 21st century. 

 Read how some of these upgrades might be the perfect addition for your hotel.  


Smart Phones and Mobile Apps – this one is particularly handy because we live in an age where everybody has a smartphone of some sort. Why not customize your rooms to amplify the different services a smart phone can do? 

For starters, it could help if each room has a wireless charging station. Gone are the days of messy wires that can get all tangled up. Most modern phones and a ton of other devices are capable of wireless changing. Imagine a guest just being able to lay down his phone on a table and it charges automatically. Apps are also a great way to make smartphones work in your favour.

Use apps to book rooms, order food, reserve trips, and many more. There are already apps that exist that make this possible so why not take advantage of it. We live in the age of smartphones so use them to improve your services. Use it to make your rooms more efficient. 


Voice-based Technology – This type of technology is a future that is available today. Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Portal – these are just some of voice-based technology that you can use in your rooms today. 

Configure these devices to assist your guests. They are great for answering simple queries. Also use them with other smart object so they can do simple tasks for your guest like turning the lights on or opening the curtain. 

We have only scratched the surface of voice technology and yet the benefits of it are already incredible. Make your rooms more modern by adapting this technology. It is sure to give your guests a better and more memorable experiences. 


Smart Appliances – Now, you have already heard about smart light, but did you know that there are tons of other devices that can be classified as “smart”? First of all, there are smart TVs. These appliances are used for more than just watching your favourite shows. Use them to browse the internet, or even stream your favourite movies. It is almost like having a cinema in your own hotel rooms but better. 

There are also smart mirrors that can tell guest the news or the weather all while putting their make up on. These mirrors were made with the intent of making information accessible to its users. 

Other smart appliances include smart fridges, smart beds, and many more. The best part is that everything can be configured to work together to give your guests the best experience possible. 

playermockup.jpgNot only do these upgrades provide ease and comfort to your guests, but it can also enhance your music experience with Play Hotel Music. Having voice technology that can play music could save you time from your busy schedule. Configure each device to play certain genres of music to fit the ambiance of the space. Make playing music in your hotel easier and hassle-free.

Certain pieces of technology can also improve the quality of music in your hotel which can also affect the overall experience of your guests.

Having all these amazing upgrades combined with our perfectly curated music that matches all of your spaces’ ambiance, your guests will surely have an enjoyable and memorable stay at your hotel!

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