Different Themed Hotels: Which One Caters to Your Guest the Best?

Whether if it’s going on your long-awaited staycation or travelling for a business trip, it is important to look for a hotel that best suit your preferences and meet your basic necessities. 

You might be wondering what the best hotel is for your vacation needs. Depending on the agenda of your trip, you might want to look at this list to help you determine which hotel to book: 


Business Travels 


There are three important things to look at when you’re travelling for business: 

  • A room with a desk and enough space to set-up your work area 
  • A meeting or conference room 
  • Strong Wi-Fi signals 

Take Le Meridian Marriot as an example of a hotel with your business travel needsLe Meridian Marriot offers a space that will spark your creativity and improve your productivity. These functional spaces offer convenience and flexibility; whether you’re the type of person to work from a desk or from your sofa and bed. 

Another one would be the Four Seasons Hotel, as they have a high-speed internet which can be accessed by anyone and by unlimited devices. So, having an unstable and lagging internet connection would be the least of your worries in this hotel. 

Extending your stay in these hotels does not only raise your productivity levels, but you don’t have to go out to find the perfect space for your work, eating out at restaurants or getting delivery, and even keeping fit and healthy. These hotels have everything you might need. 

A contemporary jazz or a classical music would best fit the hotel’s atmosphere as these are neither loud nor imposing, just the right kind of music to maintain the professional ambiance. It’ll help your guests to concentrate on their work without being distracted.




One of the perks of being a traveler and a foodie is that you get to see and taste various cultures all around the world. But the perfect and ideal place for you to be in is hotels offer authentic cuisine that would satisfy the foodie in you. 

Lime Wood hotel located in Lyndhurts, England, offers an authentic home-cook styled cuisine that uses local ingredients. The best part about this hotel is you can participate in their cooking class! You don’t even have to be an expert to join the class as it was designed for every skill level. You can learn and have fun all at the same time. 

If you’re looking for a place that is far from the city and want to be surrounded by nature, you might want to check Garzón el Hotel. This hotel will give your palette an authentic taste of the Atlantic Ocean. Their ingredients are perfectly seasoned by herbs from their very own garden and cooked in an earth oven, grill and fire stoves. They even use wood fire to bring out the best flavour in your food! 

If you’re a seafood lover, then Conrad Centennial Singapore might be the right hotel for you. Oscar’s offers an all-day buffet with the best and scrumptious seafood and salad bar. Oscar’s has both an international and local cuisine that would surely satisfy your palette.

Having a gentle classical and relaxing new age music is the way for your foodie guests to appreciate their stay in your hotel. The gentle music is enjoyable enough to listen to while eating their food. Rather than blocking their taste palette and causing distraction, it enhances the flavor of the food.




When your sense of adventure and longing for a breath of fresh air takes over, finding a cheap but a nice place to stay in can be quite taxing. You might think that booking a hotel on the day you’re set out to explore might be exciting and could complete the full experience of backpacking but booking a hotel ahead of time would be best to avoid any complications for your trip. 

The Meander Taipei Hostel offers a budget friendly stay. This hostel has various room types from a single room for a more private stay to a mixed dorm room if you’re the type to mingle with people. The hostel is also located in the heart of Taipei which makes it convenient for you as there are many places that you can explore from this hostel.  

If you’re looking for a hostel that offers a full activity and tours package, Adventure Hostels New Zealand might be right up your alley. Though they recommend to book the package once you arrive at their hostel so they can see which would be the best tour and activity for you to do depending on the weather. This hostel is your home away from home, with a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere that has furnished rooms, a kitchen, and a lounge where you can meet fellow backpackers! 

Searching the internet for hostels with good reviews can be time consuming – as there are several amenities you also might be considering and what would be the appropriate lodging for you. Be it an apartment or a hostel, checking Airbnb can be one of your best options. 

A modern music and pop rock genre would be perfect for the hostel’s casual ambiance. Something familiar and popular can help your guests settle down and become more comfortable. This will also keep your atmosphere light and easy, which can help your exhausted backpackers relax but not too quiet that it’ll alleviate them from the excitement of their trip.

Having familiar music is a great way for backpackers to mingle with the others especially if they share similar music taste.

Check out more on what style best suit your spaces here. 


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