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What Hotel Music Should and Shouldn’t Be Played

Music is universal; it’s something that people all around the world enjoy.

Listening to music helps increase your productivity and improves your concentration – having more creative and out-of-the box ideas. It’s also been scientifically proven that music can affect a person’s mood, whether they listen to an upbeat sound, or a slower song. For example, rock music wouldn’t exactly fit a spa. Guests would just feel more tired than when they come in.

With this in mind, you should strategically think about the right music to play in your spaces. It’s not enough that you have a relaxing classical music or an upbeat jazz playing in the background. You should also consider the time of day, month, and season before hitting play.



This is the first thing that your guest will see and will set the tone for your hotel. Depending on the theme of your space, you

SHOULD play soothing music to welcome your guests. After all, this will act like your guests’ first impression to your hotel.

They might have come from a very stressful trip and they wouldn’t appreciate it if there’s music blasting in the lobby. If you have a resort themed lobby for example, then a contemporary classic or relaxing jazz would be the ideal background music. You;


SHOULDN’T play a trendy and upbeat song in the lobby as it might not fit your space’s atmosphere but at the same time, this type of music might not be able to help you guests feel relaxed and comfortable, most especially if they’re checking in the morning.


Guest Room


Now that your guests have checked in, they might want to stay in the room to unwind or immediately explore your hotel. Either way, you;

SHOULD play a peaceful new age if you have a resort-themed hotel or a gentle classical if you have a more modern-styled room. You can also grant the guests access to their very own speakers in their room so they can have full control of the music since the room will become their personal space for the duration of their stay. You;


SHOULDN’T play an energetic music as this the place where guests would relax after travelling to your hotel. It’s important to set the mood right for your guests to enjoy their stay.




Have your guests enjoy the finest cuisines that your restaurant offers with the right playlist! You;

SHOULD play music that would add to the overall experience of eating and not distracting enough for the guests to pay more attention to the music being played rather than the food. If you have a thematic restaurant such as a Japanese-styled one, then a smooth Japanese style music would be the perfect fit for this space. A great method is if you want your guests to order more is by playing slow music. This can make your guests move slowly, which means that they might eat at a leisured pace and might even order more food. You;


SHOULDN’T play music that is beyond your restaurant’s theme. This will only distract and confuse your guests.




Apart from their hotel room, this is another space where your guests can sit back and unwind from a long day’s worth of travelling or various meetings and conventions. You;

SHOULD play soothing music to keep the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. When they enter the spa, your guests should immediately feel relaxed and relieved even before they get their treatment so you;


SHOULDN’T play loud and upbeat music as this will certainly ruin the mood of the space and might even agitate the guests more.




You would want to keep your guests motivated and energized at this space. You;

SHOULD play an energetic and electronic music. This will immediately get your guests in the mood to work-out. The upbeat music will help boost their mood so you;


SHOULDN’T play any slow music as this might discourage them from exercising. This might even put them into a sleepy mood and might change their mind into using the gym.

You can click here for more sample music.

Having the right atmosphere is important if you want your guest to enjoy their full hotel experience. It’s not enough that you put your playlist on shuffle, you should always think about which songs would fit each of your spaces and how this will affect your guests.

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