How Music Can Influence a Person’s Mood

Whether it’s subtle music in the background from the radio or a loud beat of the drums from your phone’s player, music has become a part of our daily lives. There isn’t a home where music isn’t present. It could be from the gentle humming of a bird or a cricket, or the nonsensical singing of a parent or sibling. 

It’s undeniable that music has an impact when it comes to our moods. When we are happy, we tend to listen to happy music or when we’re sad we listen to slow, ballad-y type of songs to help channel and process the amount of emotion we’re currently feeling. 

Now there’s a scientific explanation for that. 

A study in Journal of Consumer Research showed that people listen to sad music when they are experiencing deep emotional loss, comparing it to the likeness of someone who had just ended a relationship. The researchers had indicated sad music as a “substitute for the lost relationship.” 

This enables people who listen to sad music to feel like they’re not alone with what they’re going through. This could also act as a friend who can sympathize with their current situation. That’s why there are people who say that they don’t really understand the meaning of the song they’re currently listening to until they have been through what the artist was singing about. 

There has also been a study where people were told to “try to improve their mood” while listening to certain songs. The participants were required to listen to upbeat songs of Copeland versus Stravinsky’s melancholic songs and the people had only improved their moods when they listened to Copeland. 

Yuna Ferguson, the lead researcher who conducted the study said that, “happiness has been linked to better physical health, higher income, and greater relationship satisfaction” 

It is not then strange that whenever we listen to Pharrell Williams’ Happy, that we eventually do feel happy and lighter compared to when we’re feeling neutral or sad. People would often listen to upbeat songs whenever they feel sleepy or want to be energized, for example, when they go to the gym. It helps to keep them motivated with what they do compared to if they’re listening to slow music while exercising. They might think that their exercise routine might be taking too long and might give up by the end of it. 

It’s the same when people listen to bright and fast music whenever they’re dancing happily – opting for louder and upbeat ones for a lighter and more fun atmosphere like in parties and clubs as opposed to music that are meant for slow dancing. 

People can feel bouts of emotions while listening to a single song as it can trigger both happy and sad memories.  


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