Elevator Music: Why Does It Matter

Elevators have been a convenient mode of transportation, most especially if you’re rushing to go to a certain part of the building you’re in. Although helpful, going into a small closed space might make you feel anxious and even bored, more so if it’s with someone you don’t know. Even if it’s only for a few minutes or even seconds, you’d find anything to distract yourself until you’ve stepped into an open area again. 

Cue in elevator music. It may have come unnoticed but elevator music has helped people distract themselves and fill out the empty quiet space. 

Elevator music has been used for a long, long time. It was first introduced between 1930-1940 when elevators have already been functioning smoothly and people had mostly gotten over their initial fear of it. It was included in lifts more to help the people pass time while they waited to arrive at their floors. 

The music is played gently to relax your guests and may often have a repetitive tune as this will effectively divert your guests and make them think that not enough time has passed inside the lift. 


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However, with the modern set-up today, you’d often find people with earphones and listening to their own music so you might be wondering why and how is elevator music still relevant? 

Just imagine, someone who’s rushing to go to a meeting with clients at your hotel or someone who wanted to catch the morning buffet. Using the stairs would prove to be difficult and too time consuming if they’re in the 15th floor and they needed to get to the lobby area fast so the only option left for them is to use the elevator. As they’re already in a rush, they’ll become quite impatient. This will just grow and might even stress them enough especially when they think that the elevator is too slow and quiet.  

With music in the elevator, your guests would be able to distract themselves enough with calm music and be able to pass time more quickly. Before they know it, they’ve already arrived at their destination! 

Whether people may realize it or not, elevator music introduces a sense of comfort to the rather uncomfortable act of getting into a very enclosed space. This helps guests to veer away from their boredom and any awkward tension from strangers who are inside the elevator as well. Elevator music is something that hotel owners may forget about, but it has a huge effect on the guests overall experience.

Your services should extend to all parts of your hotel’s spaces so having elevator music is essential to keep your guests satisfied. 

Play Hotel Music offers a wide variety of playlists and we have the just the right tracks to keep your guests happy and entertained wherever they go. 

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