Outdoor Hotel Music: More Than Just Garden Music

Hotels have various spaces that you can explore – from the lounge area to the bar, and even the swimming pool. Depending on your agenda for the day, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. With the hustle and bustle of your busy city life, enjoying natures best at your hotel’s garden is a good way to unwind and relax 

Spending time with nature can have a lot of positive effects to your body such as improving your health and immunity, and it can even decrease your stress.Even just a little bit of fresh air can do wonders for your body. Simply having a walk or a picnic in the garden can have a good impact to your body.

What will happen then if we add a little music in the mix? We’ve discussed here before how music can affect a listener depending on the genre they are listening to.

Now think about how you’re strolling across your hotel’s garden one afternoon paired with calming music. Not only will you be able to enjoy the scenic view, but you’ll also be able to give your body the rest that it needs! 

This is also one way to let yourself stop concentrating on your phone to check your social media accounts and take this as an opportunity to slow down and reconnect yourself with people. It could be hard and awkward at first but with the right mood and music, it can be easy. 

Music in the garden is important as it helps set the right mood for this space. It may go unnoticed or become an afterthought, but outdoor music can have a positive impact. Having music outdoors can encourage interaction between people – making new friends and building connections. 

Garden music is usually gentle and soothing. This will help build a light and peaceful atmosphere which will make your guests enjoy and appreciate the view. 

Here are 4 songs from PHM’s Outdoor Garden Playlist that can play for your garden space: 

1. Arabesque by Claude Debussy


2. Music In The Garden by Lenny Marcus

music in the garden.jpg

3. Autumn Blue by Randy Jones


4. Schumann – Carnaval op.9, Reconnaissance by Claudio Giovann Colombo


Your garden space is as important as all your other spaces as it is an extension of your hotel. Having music in your garden can help your guests feel more relaxed as they stroll outside to enjoy fresh air and meet new people. This can also provide as a temporary niche and escape from their busy lives. 

Let Play Hotel Music provide a calming mood for your garden space with our curated music. Let us help you create an environment where not only your guests can relax but also be a way for them to create new friendships and memories. We can help your guest have an unforgettable getaway at your hotel with our playlist that can match all spaces including your garden. 

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