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Travelling and music go hand in hand.  When you go on a vacation, music gives you a better overall experience. It creates the perfect mood and makes every second of the journey enjoyable.  

Discovering new music is as thrilling as finding the perfect hotel for your travelling needs. Nothing says a great stay for your guest like good accommodation and great music. What if you combined the two and created a music-themed hotel?  

This would become the perfect place for someone who is in love with both the arts and travelling.  

Music is loved by everyone of all ages, and being in this kind of hotel can be a new and exciting experience for both you and your family. 

Let’s look at five music-themed hotels you can stay at for your next travels:  


1. Hard Rock Riviera Maya 


If you’re looking for a full musical hotel experience, then Hard Rock Riviera Maya located at Yucatan, Mexico is the perfect place for you. Hard Rock is a mix of hospitality and museum all rolled into one hotel! Guests can even rent the available musical instruments at the hotel for a surprise jamming session with family and friends. You’ll surely feel like a rock star at this hotel. 

There’s even a DJing equipment for all aspiring and professional DJs to mess around and convert the place into a fun party. 

If you want to experience the luxury that is Hard Rock, then you can head on to Heaven, an adult-only exclusive place with a private beach and amenities beyond your imagination. 


2. Hotel Max


A hipster hive for all indie-loving people, Seattle’s Hotel Max would be the best place to indulge yourself with fine arts and music.  

They have different rooms depending on your travel needs, whether you’re alone or with your family. Something to look forward to is that they have accessible guest rooms for travelers with hearing, vision, or mobility needs. 

Hotel Max has a floor dedicated to Sub Pop Records, a company that manages artists such as Iron & Wine, Beach House, Wolf Parade, and many more. The rooms in this floor has a collection of updated vinyl from the record label and a player wherein you can use anytime. 

It also features black and white photographs by Charles Peterson, who is well known for his work with Sub Pop Records, on the guest doors. 

This truly is a haven for people in the indie scene. 


3. nhow Berlin Hotel 


Music unites people and this hotel provides just the place for it. Located in Berlin, nhow hotel has a special platform for bands and musicians to perform every night so you don’t have to worry about scouting the area to find a local concert that you can enjoy. The best part about it is that entrance fee is free every first Saturdays of the month. 

Not only is this a hub for music lovers, but also for people who are interested in arts and fashion. There are exhibits, fashion shows, product presentations and even seminars. If you’re recently lacking inspiration and creativity in life then this hotel will definitely paint your mind colorful. 

The best news for music lovers is that they have a special room service where they deliver music instruments free of charge. Who knows? You might be rewriting history and making the next hit song! 


4. Backstage: Amsterdam Hotel 


Discover the latest on the music scene at Backstage, where most well-known venues and bars are only a few minutes walk away. Major museums are also near this hotel so if you’re also a fan of the arts then this is a major plus! 

Backstage hotel offers a unique design for the bedrooms as it looks exactly like the backstage of a concert venue. Wanting to play your own music at the hotel? Well you’re in luck as one of the unique amenities of this hotel is that you can borrow and play the guitar at the bar. If this isn’t your cup of tea then you can borrow a Bluetooth connecting v-soundbox at the lobby to control the mood and play your own music. 


5. Sunset Marquis


Home of the Rock and Roll history of music, Sunset Marquis is the place to be for an avid music fan like the you. This hotel housed musicians like Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, The Killers, and many more for over fifty years, and is now paying homage with its Live@SunsetMarquis every summer. This is where they play and discover new artists as a way of support for the entertainment industry that has also provided them support through the years. 

Sunset Marquis is where you can find living legends such as Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, relaxing and enjoying his downtime. It has also provided a home for several artists that had been inspired to write record-breaking and chart-topping songs from artists such as John Elton and Rihanna. 

You can now live life through these musicians’ eyes at this hotel. 



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