Customer Service: The Ever-Changing Trend

The hotel industry is a competitive one; most especially with the way technology is starting to shape the world and how it’s becoming essential to everyday lives of people. Everywhere you look, smartphones, laptops, and tablets are accessible gadgets that make life easier for everyone. Whether if it’s catching up with an old friend thousands of miles away, or booking your next trip to London, these are just some things that make life more convenient for people. They no longer have to wait till they get home to power up their desktop computers to do things online. 

Being up to date on the latest trends whether on customer service or technology can help grow your business, as well as upgrading your services to better cater the needs of modern travelers around the world to make their stay more comfortable and memorable. It gives you an edge over your competitors if you are constantly looking at what is trending and finding a way to add that to improve your business.

Take a look at these 3 trends and see if you’re already up to date or ready for an upgrade. 

1. Technology 


Technology is one industry that is quickly and constantly moving forward. This includes actual hardware such as smart devices to give your guests a better and modern hotel experience, to software like apps to make reaching your guests so much easier.
This also means staying on top of the latest applications and websites.

This is very important because it can directly affect your guests’ overall experience as guests will remember everything once they have booked a room with you. Take advantage of this growing industry and stand out from your competitors.

Take chatbots as an example. 

People of course, would always have questions before making a purchase. However, having a business as big as owning a hotel means that you can’t watch over everything 24/7, despite having hundreds of staff. As they have to give undivided attention to hundreds of guests on vacation, treating potential guests the same online becomes easier with chatbots. 

They don’t need to wait for a callback from a busy staff when these chatbots provide answers to the most frequently asked questions quicker. Chatbots help improve both customer service and experience. It can save time and energy for guests who are interested in booking a room. 

Having AI, on the other hand, can take on the much-advanced tasks for your hotel such as gathering data to make a more personalised experience for your guests such as targeting them via email or social media. 


2. Eco-Friendly Hotels 


One of the latest trends for hotels right now is transitioning into a more eco-friendly hotel.

More and more people today are concerned about the state of the environment and do their own little ways to help save the Earth either by using of metal straws or opting to use paper bags instead of plastic. They are also advocating the effects of prolonged use of materials that are very harmful not only to the environment but also to the animals and the people.

Offering sustainable materials in your hotel such as bottleless soaps and shampoos or energy-saving lights, is an attractive offer for these guests because they are now supporting and living this kind of lifestyle.

Going green can have a huge impact for your guests because it means that they know you’re helping in the preservation of the environment as well as meeting the needs of these eco-friendly travelers. Going green also means saving more money in the long run as most sustainable materials are cheap and re-usable.


 3. Sustainable Food 


Often, people who are traveling look forward to local cuisines and it is a big plus when the hotel that they are staying at offers locally-sourced food and even a vegetarian menu. Even if your guests are on vacation doesn’t mean that their health is too! This will be one of the biggest factors for them before booking a room since having a sustainable lifestyle now is becoming one of the biggest trends. 

Having your own garden for your ingredients mean that you can control the kinds of plant and food you grow, especially the soil that you put into it. By using natural and safe fertilizers, not only are you giving your guests a unique food experience and bringing a new and more natural taste to their palette, but this is also a way to prevent harmful chemicals from polluting the soil and environment.


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