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Fitness Hotels

Picture this, your guest is on a fitness journey and living healthily amongst their busy lifestyle. Going on a vacation might pose several temptations into breaking their diet, but that doesn’t mean that they should hold themselves back from enjoying their trip! 

Luckily, there are several hotels that can help keep guests in shape while having fun on their much-awaited holiday. Check out these hotels that offer a different kind of amenity to help their guests exercise beyond the confines of a gym. 

Who knows? Maybe you can get ideas to upgrade your services to accommodate your health conscious guests!


1. Sports Hotel Villa Concha

franciscogarvi.com_B7K7880-e1467279615421.jpg(Image Source: Sports Hotel Villa Concha)

Sports Hotel Villa Concha doubles as a sports facility and a family-friendly one. Guests can do various activities from cycling to swimming, down to relaxing in the spa after the day’s activity. Depending on the season, the hotel’s priorities surround either the athletes or families on holidays. 

Majorca, Spain is one of the most visited sites for European cyclists and triathletes as the island has a lot of different races to offer.  So guests that have an active lifestyle and enjoy participating in events will appreciate their stay here 

Guests will now have time to both enjoy their vacation while staying fit. There will never be a boring moment at this hotel. 


 2. Viva Blue and Hotel Spa 

Viva-Blue-Training-pool.jpg(Image Source: Viva Blue and Hotel Spa)

Activity infused with tranquility is what Viva Blue and Hotel Spa offers. This hotel is the sports hotel of Viva Blue Hotel in Playa de Muro, and is the main location for cycling. It is also is near the venues of the Ironman Mallorca events. 

A home for triathletes, the hotel has facilities that meet every need of guests during their stay. After a muscle-aching training and work out, guests can relax and rejuvenate at the spa where it has special services for athletes such as therapy to keep their body up and running.   

Guests won’t have difficulties in keeping up with their fitness routines as this hotel has a wide range of sports options to choose from. There is an outdoor and indoor pool, a cycling station, a fitness room for cardio and muscle training, and running routes for both indoors and outdoors. 

Guests won’t have to struggle to keep up with their work out as this hotel can motivate them with their routine.


3. Chicago Athletic Hotel

Capture.PNG(Image Source: Chicago Athletic Hotel)

Once an exclusive club for over 122 years, this hotel that houses the history and spirit of Chicago opened its doors for people to experience the life of a high-end club goer. Chicago Athletic Hotel is a place for guests who are looking for more laid back activities.  

Getting away from the fast-paced working life, guests who want to have more down time and a relaxed atmosphere but still want to do activities to get their body up and going will enjoy their stay at this hotel.  

The Chicago Athletic Hotel has its own built-in bocce bay, billiard, shuffleboard, chess and checkers tables. It even has its own Shake Shack, coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and a drawing room where you can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight snacks.  

Guests will have a more relaxed and a classier time at this hotel. 


4. Bluegr Hotels and Resorts 

GR_RHO_SUNPRIME_MIRAMARE_BEACH_AO4F1G5_00041.jpg(Image Source: Bluegr Hotel and Resorts)

Guests that want to test their skills in diving, sailing, or windsurfing will definitely look forward to the water sports that Bluegr Hotel and Resorts is offering. This hotel is perfect for guests who look forward to adrenaline pumping activities that will challenge their expertise while reveling the natural views of Greece. 

The hotel provides a unique beach experience with the spectacular view of Greece’s beach and blue waters while enjoying the exciting water activities. Afterwards, the guests can relax at the spa that has body care therapies, skin treatment and beauty regimes.

Guests can now experience relaxation and luxury at one hotel. 


5. Hurawalhi Island Resort 

SUP-1030x579.jpg(Image Source: Hurawalhi Island Resort)

An adults-only hotel, Hurawalhi Island Resort has thrilling activities for couples on holiday. Guests can go snorkeling, diving, or simply spending the day at the gym. The hotel even offers a sports ground where guests can play badminton, tennis, and futsal.  

There are excursions that they can go to like fishing trips or sailing. If they want to have a more unconventional adventure, guests can customize their own preferred activities at their excursions. However, if the guests want to have a more convenient or relaxed activity, there is an available game room that has air hockey, table tennis, pinball and Pacman. 

They will never run out of things to do as Hurawalhi Island Resort is packed with adventures that guests can explore during their stay at the hotel. 


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