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A Journey To Your Hotel Stay with PHM

You enter the hotel, exhausted from your long and stressful commute. You get ready to check in, and the first thing you notice is the relaxing sound in the lobby which is slowly calming you down despite the long line to the reception’s desk.  

yann-maignan-376943-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

Time goes by faster and you finally get the keys to your room. You move from the lobby down to the elevators to get to your floor. You find that you don’t mind being in a small space with other people and not find it as awkward especially when there’s music filling up the empty space.  

daan-stevens-549933-unsplash.jpgPHM Sample Music

Finally arriving at your floor, you go to your room to deposit your luggage. You notice that your body is aching from the trip and from carrying your bags so you decide to head towards the spa in your hotel. Immediately, you can feel yourself loosening up as you’re guided to an area where you’ll be getting your much-deserved massage.  

accommodation-beach-bed-1531672.jpgPHM Sample Music

Waking up from the quick nap during your massage, you decide that it was time for you to get your first proper meal for the day. Luckily, you don’t have to scour around the area in search of fast foods or restaurants as your hotel already has one. 

An usher assists you to your seat and a waiter hands you the menu. You make a decision before ordering and waiting for your food. You get distracted by the overall vibe of the restaurant and began tapping your fingers to the restaurant’s music. 

jason-leung-537357-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

Your food arrives and you take your time to eat as you don’t feel the need to rush your meal. After paying and leaving a big tip, you decide to visit the hotel’s garden and walk around for a little while just to get your evening meal down. 

You see a few people strolling around the garden and you even start up a few conversations with people who are quietly lounging there. 

peter-mason-433164-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

You then decide that it was time for you to get some rest so you can get ready for your conference meeting tomorrow. You exit the garden and take the elevator again – reaching up to your floor, you notice that you’ve been more at ease compared to when you first arrived and expected that you’ll directly head to your room and just sleep but you managed to find time to enjoy your stay before tomorrow gets busy. 

You retire to your room, looking forward to the next day, already feeling energized. 

Let Play Hotel Music take you on a journey and make your hotel experience more enjoyable. We’ve curated just the right music for all of your spaces so you can create the perfect atmosphere for all of your guests so that they can appreciate every room of your hotel. 

PHM also provides an easy to use system where all you have to do is to simply log in with your ID and you’re all set! 

You can read more here about how to set-up your account and how you can edit your playlist. 

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