Hotels with the Best Views

Finding the best hotel to accommodate your needs marks the start of your journey. Researching hotels that best fit your requirements and budget can be a grueling process and may often leave you quite exhausted even before your trip has started. However, getting to wake up to a breathtaking view is more than enough reward and something to look forward to. 

Here are just some hotels with the best views that would surely kick start your day:

1. Explora Patagonia Hotel 

02-Cordillera-Paine-nua440v6b9ujfn112y09bsq8vk0mgavgve7b819j0o.jpg(Image Source: Explora Patagonia Hotel)

Explora is a travel company that also operates hotels in several places in South America. What makes these groups of hotels unique is that not only will you be able to wake up to the beautiful view from your window, but you get to also explore the breathtaking sight. They offer 2.236 miles of routes and 150 different explorations. 

Traverse the majestic beauty of mountains and glaciers of Patagonia Chile or witness the astonishing view of one of the wonders of the world – Machu Picchu. You’ll definitely experience art, history, and nature on this trip. 


2. Corinthia Hotel 

Summer-sale-corinthia-hotel-london-homepage-new.jpg(Image Source: Corinthia Hotel London)

If you’re one to enjoy the night’s city life, then Corinthia Hotel London might just be the right hotel for you. 

Watch the bright city lights and get the best view of the London Eye and Thames River at this hotel. You can bask under this hotel’s exclusive offers from discounts to complimentary stay on your fourth night.  

The hotel’s location also provides an easy access to places such as Embankment, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Trafalgar and Soho. There are several restaurants near the hotel so guests no longer need to search hard where they can eat. 


3. The Outpost Lodge

The+Outpost_High-res_Rooms_01.jpg(Image Source: The Outpost Lodge)

Explore the safari or enjoy meals under the stars at The Outpost Lodge. This is the perfect place to unwind and disconnect yourself to the world while enjoying a one of a kind experience of South Africa’s wilderness. 

You can enjoy the peace and quiet as The Outpost only has 24 guests they can accommodate in their 12 standalone spaces. Fall asleep to the sound of nature and wake up to the impressive view of the jungle. 


4. Uga Bay

ugaescapes-ugabay-gallery-large-29.jpg(Image Source: Uga Bay, Sri Lanka)

If you love waking up to the sound of crashing waves and scent of the sea, then Uga Bay is just the perfect place for you. A luxury hotel in Sri Lanka, this hotel offers a Mediterranean themed-hotel that offers the freshest seafood and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. You can enjoy your meal by the beach while appreciating the natural scenery. 

Uga Bay offers a unique experience in which you can help prepare and eat Sri Lanka’s signature dishes. You can even book a tour at Minneriya National Park which is known for its variety of plant, bird, mammal, amphibian, reptile, fish, and insect species or a Baticolla Tour so you can explore historical landmarks such as Ghandi Park and Baticolla Lighthouse. 


5. The Peninsula 

Capture.PNG(Image Source: The Peninsula, Paris)

You can get the best view of The City of Love at The PeninsulaOne of the benefits of booking a suite is that each suite has an interactive digital bedside and desk tablets which guests can customize and set the language to their preferred setting. 

The hotel has a rooftop garden suite with a clear view of the most iconic Eiffel Tower while you enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends and colleagues. Or you can have a peaceful night with a cup of hot coffee or tea while looking at the picturesque sight. 


Play Hotel Music can match every scenery and view to give your guests the best hotel experience. With just the right music, your guests will be able to pause from their busy routine to appreciate the most beautiful view from their window. 

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