Why You Need Play Hotel Music 

Music is an element you need to have the right balance of ambiance and atmosphere for your spaces.  Having guests in your hotel minus the music can make the overall mood bland and boring. Guests might feel more impatient and restless if they’re waiting for their turn on a quiet lobby or lounging by the bar for a drink. 

However, having music in your business means you have to pay several music licensing organizations to be able to play music in your spaces legally. There’s also the matter of choosing the right music for each of your spaces. Should you play a classical music for your lobby? Or should a more modern tune greet your guests? What would be the appropriate music for your current theme? 

It sounds like you’ll be investing a lot of time and energy (maybe even money) before you can create just the perfect environment for your guests to enjoy their stay at your hotel. But you can ease these worries away with Play Hotel Music. How? 


1. Music Tailored for Hotels 

We’ve been in the business for several years providing background music to various businesses such as restaurant, clothing stores, and many more. PHM carefully curated music that will fit every space of your hotel no matter what the theme is.  

yann-maignan-YhJkERWHFnU-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

You can find out more about the most suitable music for your hotel here. 


2. No Extra Fees for Music Licensing 


Yes, you read that right. There are no extra fees to pay for music licensing with PHM.

Before you can even begin to play your music, you have to pay music organizations such as BMI or ASCAP to be able to acquire the rights for a certain song. But with PHM, you don’t have to pay for these kinds of fees. Play Hotel Music has direct music licensing with the artists so you’ll be exempted fees from PROs. 

Read more about music licensing and why it’s important here. 


3. Playlist for Your Spaces 


We’ve created different playlists for different spaces, but you can easily customize your own. Whether if it’s for your lobby area, restaurant, or gym, we have the right music you can play for these.  You can also make a playlist special occasions such as Christmas or New Year so you can create the right mood for your guests along with the festive decorations in your hotel. 

Being able to freely customize your playlists means you can also add your own announcements for special guests coming into your hotel. 

You can easily manage your hotel music through our AI-based system, giving you access from your laptops or phones. You also only need to use one (1) ID so you can play your music anywhere, eliminating multiple account sign-ups to access music for different spaces. 


4. Easy Set-Up 


There are two ways to set-up your music system: The Individual Space Broadcasting System and Central Broadcasting System. You can read more details about these set-ups here. We can help you determine the right set-up for your hotel depending on the available spaces or the amount of spaces where you want your music to play. 


5. Price Plans 

Depending on your needs, PHM has three affordable price plans you can choose from.  

price plans.PNG

 Play Hotel Music provides music specifically tailored music for your hotel and lets you easily manage the overall atmosphere and mood of your spaces, giving your guests the best hotel experience. 

Check the links below to try out our demo and to find out more details about our service. 




You can also contact us at customer@playhotelmusic.com. 


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