The Importance of Hotel Music


Music has profound effects on the overall mood of a person. When a person is feeling sad, they tend to listen to more slow and melancholic music as opposed to a person who is feeling happy and would prefer listening to a more upbeat and energetic song. A detailed discussion about how music can influence a person’s mood can be found here.

It comes as no surprise why having background music in your hotel is important. Music can have a positive and lasting effect on your guests and can even influence their decision into booking another room at their next stay. Having background music means you can control the atmosphere of every space available in your hotel; down from your lobby, to the gym, restaurant, and indoor swimming pool. Every space has to have a certain mood for your guests that will draw and immerse themselves in the present environment they are in. Music can also help in the productivity of your employees as this too can help them relax and lessen their current fatigue.

However, choosing just the right background music for your hotel can be tricky as this can be the deciding factor of what you want your hotel’s branding should be. Questions such as what type of music should you choose? Which spaces should have music? Might have popped up. This all depends on the theme of your hotel and the ambiance you want to set. 

Play Hotel Music was curated specially to provide every musical needs of your hotel. With its AI-based system, there is no need for you to download any applications as the player is available online. Music is also being regularly updated so you don’t have to worry about outdated songs and keeping up with today’s music. 

There are already ready-made playlists you can choose from or you can customize your own easily. PHM has a simple music system set-up where you can control your music easily. Play Hotel Music also has a one ID play everywhere system where you no longer need to create multiple accounts to log in and play from different spaces. 

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