A Rainy Playlist

Thinking of a playlist you can use for the rainy season can be quite tricky as you don’t want your music to make your guests feel too sleepy. You would want them to enjoy the ambiance of your hotel despite the gloomy weather outside.

Relaxing music would be ideal for the ambiance you want to set and we’ve curated just the right playlist for this.

Here are 5 tracks you can check out for your next playlist!



I Hear You by David Hill


A casual and modern music you can play to welcome your guests into the lobby. It’s calm enough to ease the tension your guests might feel from their commute to your hotel, but not too quite to make the atmosphere dark and dreary.



Music in the Garden by Lenny Marcus


This light music can be used for your hallway to accompany your guests as they journey across your lobby to their room. A classical sound with a modern twist, this song is moderate enough but has the right amount of flair to energize your guests.



Autumn Blue by Randy Jones


You can create a calm ambiance for one of the most crowded space in your hotel with this music. It’s soft and subtle, but not loud enough to cause any disturbance or distraction.



Upbeat Fusion Jazz by Various Artists


This music can also be used for your lobby for a more energetic ambiance against the weather. The song is not too modern pop that guests might not be able to relax, but its just enough to keep them on their toes while enjoying the music.



Arabesque by Claude de Bussy


This music can be played in any space that your guests can relax to. This song is the perfect background music for guests who would prefer to enjoy a quite day at your hotel.

For more demo music, click here.


Play Hotel Music has created a variety of playlist that would fit the current weather outside, theme of your spaces, special occasions or events, and holidays for your hotel. Setting up the right ambiance for your guests is as important as ensuring the level of trust and comfort they have with your staff and hotel.

One of the most effective way to get a positive impact and a lasting impression is by using the right music.

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