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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Music

Being able to play music in your hotel is not enough if you want to set the perfect balance and ambiance for all of your spaces. You have to think about what music would suite your hotel the best and which music to play at a specific space. You also have to keep in mind the type of music you’re going to play on a particular time of the day. 

Here are simple Do’s and Don’ts about playing music in your hotel. 


Hotel Music Do’s: 

  1. Do use music appropriate to your hotel’s theme. Playing the latest tracks in your spaces isn’t always the best way to attract guests. Your music should always match the theme of your hotel to create the right ambiance. 
  2. Do play music on the right spaces. You have to think about the space in which to play your music always. Is it necessary to put music in your guest’s room or would they prefer to have a room wherein they can control their own music? Would it be appropriate to put music in the hallway or let the quiet buzz be background music enough? 
  3. Do use relaxing music on spaces where guests would normally wait. You would want your guests to feel calm and relaxed at these areas so they won’t feel too impatient while waiting for their turn, like the lobby area for example.
  4. Do play upbeat music on areas where guests are doing extracurricular activities. You don’t want your guests falling asleep on the gym. 
  5. Do consider the timing of your music throughout the day. It’s best to think about the type of music to play in the morning, afternoon, and evening and what mood you want your spaces to have for your guests to enjoy. 



Hotel Music Don’ts: 

  1. Don’t blast music on the speakers. Hotels are where guests go to relax and enjoy their vacation no matter what their agenda is. You should always be mindful of the volume of your music if it’s causing more of a disturbance than a background noise. 
  2. Don’t play unlicensed music and stream music online. Not only is it illegal, but you’re also taking advantage of an artists’ hard work. You’ll be fined hundreds and thousands of dollars for playing music in your spaces illegally. 
  3. Don’t play music mindlessly. You have to be careful about the playlist you choose as you want to match the music with the space where the music is being played to create the right ambiance so that your guests won’t get confused or uncomfortable.  
  4. Don’t always play seasonal music. There’s a right time for these types of music. Only play these when the appropriate occasion comes. 



Play Hotel Music has curated music with your hotel in mind. We can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. We have a wide selection of music from various genres and artists that you can choose from that will match all of the spaces in your hotel. 

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