Best Hotels In Europe

Going on a roundtrip tour to Europe sounds like a dream come true, especially if you manage to book yourself a one of a kind hotel. No trip is complete without being able to come home to luxury.

Here are top five hotels you can think about booking on your trip!

1. Hotel Sanders (Copanghagen, Denmark)

jww78840-o83pn9etdaiabcb4uze1zhgd7zedoyy796kmdkxzww.jpg(Image Source: Hotel Sanders)

A classical modern design with a cozy vibe and a great ambiance, it’s like you haven’t left home at all. You’ll definitely feel the warmth and welcoming atmosphere with this hotel with the most thoughtful staff you can talk to who’ve already prepared an itinerary for you to enjoy the moment you step inside its doors.

If you’re thinking about escaping the city to a wondrous view of the sea, then you can visit Helenekilde Badehotel It is settled in a quiet town North of Zealand where you can participate in local activities and cultural opportunities.


2. Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden (Mallorca, Spain) 

can-bordoy-grand-900x600-01.jpg(Image Source: Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden)

Have a one of a kind experiences at this hotel as locating Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden is adventure enough itself. With no signboards to guide you only the few landmarks around the hotel, you’ll feel the sweetest escape from your mundane life.

There are several suites you can choose from that will suite your tastes and needs, a restaurant that serves the healthiest and most delicious cuisines of Spain, and a luxurious spa you can relax to after a day’s worth of exploring the town.

What more could you ask for?


3. Villa Fontelunga (Tuscany, Italy)

avorio-bedroom-superior-fontelunga.jpg.jpg(Image Source: Villa Fontelunga)

Going on a trip to a foreign land might leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable especially if you’re staying at a place that you barely know but Villa Fontelunga erases all those worries away. The villa’s structure will make you feel like you’re staying at a house more than a hotel. Surrounded by nature and a breath-taking view, you’ll enjoy your stay here.

One of the perks of staying at this villa is that it hosts a three course dinner for their guests twice a week so you’ll be able to mingle wound with the other guests or enjoy a quiet dinner with a view. They also have an outside gazebo with a fireplace for when you want to have a peaceful moment to admire the view, beautiful landscaped gardens, and an area where you can do yoga. Breathe in fresh air the moment you step in the villa.


4. Heckfield Place (Hampshire, England)

room_feature_desktop.jpg(Image Source: Heckfield Place)

Enjoy the life of elegance at this picturesque hotel. The stunning design of the Heckfield Palace will leave you speechless albeit cozy with its carefully picked color scheme that will help you relax once you set foot in this hotel. There are also aesthetically pleasing rooms you can choose from.

Ever dreamt of being an Equestrian or just want to experience riding one of the majestic creatures on earth? The hotel offers lessons for all ages and abilities so whether you’re already an expert or an absolute beginner, you’ll surely enjoy this activity.

But if you are opting for a more relaxed day, then you can head on out to the estate and explore its grounds. There are gardens, farm and woodlands, and there’s even a local resident to help you discover historical ornaments in the estate.

You can either explore the Heckfield Place or have a Guest Keeper show you around the local area. Either pick sounds enjoyable enough activities you can do by yourself or with family!


5. Casa Caminada (Graubünden, Switzerland)

164702600 (1).jpg(Image Source: Casa Caminada)

Where each room has a balcony where you can unwind with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, Casa Caminada offers a serene kind of experience for all its guests. This hotel has a garden and a terrace where you can hang out if you don’t want to stay cooped up in your room. They also have a private parking area should you choose to rent a car or if you are a local resident wanting to explore more of Graubünden!

If you plan on doing activities, there are skiing and cycling areas near the hotel are just one of the things that you can do while getting to know more about the town.
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