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How To Add Promotions

Having Play Hotel Music in your system gives you several options to customize your playlist for each of your spaces, including promotions. 

What are promotions and why is it one of the most important features of PHM? 


Promotions are announcements you can add to your playlist directly without disrupting the schedule of your music. You can smoothly add these important announcements at specific times of the day, whether it be welcoming special guests or refreshing guests about your hotel’s policies.

Being able to schedule promotions means that you don’t have to manually check your clock to see if it’s time to stop the music and place an announcement, which can disrupt the flow of the mood in your spaces.

With these easy steps, you’ll be able to add announcements to your playlist with ease. 

Step 1. Log in to your PHM admin account. 

Step 2. Click the “Add Your Promotion” button on the lower left side. 

Step 3. If you click on the “Add Your Promotion” button, you will be brought to a page where there are several styles of announcements you can choose from. 

Step 4. Select the style of promotion you want to add to your playlist. Say you want to add “Guest Welcome Announcements.” Click on this promotion. You can select the type of voice, language, and the type of promotion you want. Once you’ve selected a type, click add. 

Step 5. After adding the promotion, it will show up at the left side of your screen. Go back to your “Schedule” tab and click edit. 

Step 6. Drag your promotion and add it to your “Schedule” tab. You can drop your promotion anywhere you want your announcement to be. 

Step 7. Select the starting time, duration, how many times you want your announcement to be repeated, and the volume. Then click on the “add” button and your promotion will appear. 

Step 8. Save your new playlist. 

Still a little bit unclear on the instructions? You can check out our video tutorial here: 

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