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How To Control PHM From A Control Room

If you don’t like having separate set ups for each space then you can create one control room for Play Hotel Music. There are two options to set up your control room depending on the needs and available resources of your hotel. 

Follow these easy steps to get started! 



Step 1. Set up computers for each space you want to play music in. So if you have four different spaces, then you need four different computers. 

Step 2. All computers are connected to the mixer. The mixer connects the computers to an amplifier which sends out all the sounds to the speakers in each of your spaces. 

For example, computer one needs to play music for the café area. Plug computer one to input one of the mixer and when you click your playlist, music will come out from the connected speaker. 



Step 1. In some case, you might not have a monitor for each computer. If that is the case, you can connect all your computers to one monitor switch which is then connected to one central monitor. 

Step 2. You can switch stations from your remote control and switch from different screens. If you switch to station one, computer one will show on your monitor and so on.



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