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Top 5 Hospitality Trends in 2020

Keeping up to date with the latest trends may give you the upper hand in the competitive hospitality industry. Planning and anticipating what the current market will demand will make you more than ready to accommodate their oncoming needs better. Here’s a list of the trends you should look out for in 2020:

Millennial Travelers


More and more millennials now have the ability to go traveling and explore different places. They are also quicker to adapt to the latest upgrades in technology and may often use this in their everyday lives. These millennials might stick to a budget and spend it in a hotel where they can be well accommodated. They are always looking for their money’s worth, a mixture of comfort and something that they have never experienced before.

Able to meet the demands of these travelers and making them happy and satisfied with your hotel will make them leave positive reviews and might even promote your hotel in their social media accounts.

Local Experience


Often, travelers would want to have a local experience that they can’t have in their own towns or cities. Hotels that are offering authentic adventures and cuisines are one of the things that guests are looking forward to. These local experiences may become one of your competitive edge and may distinguish you from other hotels in your area.

International Guests


Majority of people all around the world are traveling internationally and your hotel must be able to adopt to these international guests. Providing services that are tailored to their language and offering unique hotel experiences – these are some of the aspects you have to consider.

Having staff members that are able to communicate with these guests or a gadget in their language that could help guests navigate their way throughout the hotel will be most helpful to them.

Smart Hotels


Technology advances more at a rapid rate every year. From smart phones, smart tvs, smart mirrors, and virtual realities. People will immediately adapt to these advances as it can help them with their everyday tasks. Hotels must always keep up to date on the latest technological trends to easily update their services to accommodate their guests. Smart Hotels will help both the guests and staff in their daily activities and will their stay more convenient and enjoyable.

Sustainable Food and Services


One of the leading trends is using sustainable materials and using more natural ingredients for food to preserve the environment. Replacing plastic bottles in your hotel’s shower essentials will make a positive impact to your guests.


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